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Remote. Distributed. Independent. 

Why does a tool to help freelancers sound like something Elon Musk would name his kid?

Venture L represents the three highest values we have as a company. 


Self Reliance

What’s more self reliant than being your own company, or your own “Venture”? As part of this, the purpose of our company will always be empowering individuals to be their own ventures, not beholden to any company, platform or tool. Which is why as a company and product we don’t allow the discussion of how do we “keep” people on the platform. If they want to use us, great. If they don’t, then it’s our failure to make a product valuable enough throughout their lifecycle. 

Freelancer First

It’s cheesy… but yes the “L” stands for love. We genuinely love our freelancers, and they always come first. Which is why we aren’t a work matching marketplace. A marketplace has an inherent asymmetry between the clients, the freelancers, and the platform – what’s best for one party isn’t always what’s best for everyone. For example, what if a particular client is a good logo, but requires taking less money. Good for the platform, good for the client, NOT good for the freelancer. Or what if a client wants to keep everything confidential? Good for the client, good for the company, NOT good for the freelancer. 


More than freelancers

Calling someone a freelancer is like calling someone a human (or a professional). It’s a start. But it leaves out the true potential of these incredibly creative and impactful experts. They are developers, designers, writers, lawyers, accountants. You name the expertise, and you can be a freelancer. But it’s not as simple as not having a job. To be a good freelancer you put your expertise on the line every single project. If you’re not good, you’ll be found out fast. Which is why independent experts are so much more than the term freelancer. 

More than software. 

The freelance economy is a radical redistribution of opportunity. It’s our social responsibility to make sure every single person on the planet has equal access to this opportunity. 

Venture L freelancers enable opportunity. They are the job creators of tomorrow, and in order to empower every freelancer on the planet, we will always provide templates, content and courses 100% free.   

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