What’s it take go from freelancer to scaling a freelancer business?

We all know there’s more to freelancing than just doing a couple ‘gigs’, but what’s it take to make freelancing a full fledged career?

Let’s ask Helen!

Helen Dibble runs Increddible Content, a freelancer business that focuses on tech businesses and connects you to a team of proven copywriters and manage the process end to end. Think everything B2B marketing collateral.

I personally met Helen when trying to fulfill a crazy request – start working on 3 whitepapers for a large tech company, and starting working by the end of the week. For most freelancers – you say yes, then either drop the world or drop the ball on the project. But Helen was able to take control of the project from the start. How? Learn in this video 🙂

Also here are some golden nuggets!

Why did she get into freelancing?

– “I was on someone else’s career ladder and not building my skills.” 

– “All I wanted to do was what I love.” She didn’t have a master plan. Instead, she created a blog and put herself in a position to be hired as a freelance writer.

How did she go from 2 articles a week to growing her freelance career?

“The big changes came when I realized I didn‘t have to please people. If I could set boundaries, that’s when a brilliant transaction would happen.” 

What’s the secret to a successful project?

“Clarify the brief. Clarify the brief. Clarify the brief.” 


To connect with Helen:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/helendibble/

Increddible: https://www.incredibble.co.uk/

Increddible Courses: https://learn.incredibble.co.uk/

 Also check out this great article about The Future of Freelancing she’s highlighted in!



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