What an incredible webinar!

Our favorite takeaway:

“In the freelance context now, growth should mean creative fuel and collaboration around everything you’re doing. Identify what inspires you and work flexibly with other freelancers to enrich yourself and grow your business. The most successful freelancers in the years ahead are going to be the ones who can build, activate and lead little networks.”

About the Speakers

Anna Codrea-Rado is a journalist, podcaster and campaigner. She writes about business, culture and tech for titles including the New York Times, Guardian and Wired. She also writes the newsletter, The Professional Freelancer about making a sustainable self-employed living and she’s the co-host of Is This Working, a podcast about the messy parts of work.

Ebony-Storm Halladay is a freelance digital marketing consultant and editorial assistant. Her clients are split evenly between writers and editors looking for editorial assistance and small businesses seeking support with building and implementing digital marketing strategies. She’s helped many freelancers streamline their workload, and identify projects to collaborate on.

Lauren Razavi is a writer, speaker and strategist focused on the future of work and global living. She’s been a freelancer and a remote worker for more than 10 years, and has lived across 50 countries in that time. She publishes with titles like The Guardian, VICE and Wired and has managed distributed teams for clients such as Google and the Singapore Government.

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