What’s the secret to scaling from 1 to 100 projects?

Hint…it does get easier the more projects you do…IF you have the right processes.

In this episode, we’ll learn from JR, marketing, eCommerce, and UX/UI freelancer.

We’ll learn about:

  • How he got started
  • How he grew his business
  • How he drives consistent out sized outcomes for his clients

Here’s a couple golden nuggets!

Why does JR freelance?

“I got tired of people’s bullsh**”

What was one of his secrets to growth?

“Help first, sell later. A lot of people focus on selling. But projects afterwards came from word of mouth. With each project, I focus on what is that first need and how can I help them. Then focusing on trust and quantifiable results instead of spamming 3,000 people on LinkedIn and hoping people buy your service.”

Where to find JR?

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iamjr/



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