No one understands why companies hire freelancers better than Liane Scult, the first ever freelance program manager at Microsoft. Starting four years ago, she spearheaded Microsoft’s pilot program that embraced the freelance model to provide access to independent experts from around the world. Today that program has engaged over 8,000 freelance projects and has scaled across the organization. 

Currently she leads the Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit

Here’s a teaser from Liane!

“The future of work is now. We launched our Gig Economy pilot to deliver for our customers, increase the speed of our innovation faster, and provide different resource models to allow us to scale with speed, agility, and specialized expertise – online and on-demand.

Today, as digital transformation changes everything, the implications for growth and advancement for businesses worldwide are profound – as are the opportunities for talented people everywhere to gain economic opportunity. Going forward, our work will inform how we evolve our products and services so our customers and the valuable people who support them can achieve more.”


About the Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit

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