What’s the difference between a good project and bad project? 

“A good project always stems from good communication and transparency. Every bad project has been because of a terrible lapse of communication – expectations weren’t discussed and it wasn’t scoped out properly.”


What are some of the best ways to get clients?

1: Referrals and word of mouth are always a huge part of the business. 

2: Network with fellow freelancers – “Reach out to other designers in your industry and see how you can help. A lot of times people see each other as competition. But they’re not necessarily competing, a lot of times they get too busy and turn down the work and don’t have people to push the work to. I started by Googling other Squarespace designers, and the people I aligned with I would just to reach out to them. We’d just talk about freelancing and build the relationship. You’d be surprised how rare this is.”

3: Build freelancer partnerships “It’s key to have a referral network with other freelancers. It’s a great way to expand your network and get into other markets.”

4: Build your collective through freelancer teams. As Max put it, “It’s like an actual team at a workplace. The whole connotation of freelancers working alone isn’t always the case. You can always find people that you want to team up with. Especially if you don’t handle those services but still want to offer that. For me, I don’t do any graphic design, email marketing, or social media management, but those are all areas where I have people that I can manage or that I can refer to.”


What would you recommend for someone just starting?

1: Freelancing isn’t just about doing the work. There’s business development, operations, client management, finance etc.

2: Don’t be afraid to reach out to other freelancers for advice.


About Max

Hey everyone, my name is Max Pete aka the One Hand Wonder Man. I am a Squarespace website designer + digital marketer. I am also a Squarespace Authorized Trainer who can help train you on how to build your own website.

I’m currently residing in San Diego, CA., and very excited to be a part of the creative community here!

My background is in the music industry where I spent 7 years gaining experience in digital marketing, advertising, project management, and website design. Now I work with businesses all across the board from restaurants and bars, to CPA’s, and consultants.

When I’m not working from home, you’ll most likely catch me at various coffee shops in the city. On my off time, I am usually creating playlists or out for a run. If you are looking to grow your online presence or need help with your website, please take a look at my services and see how I can help.

Portfolio: www.maxpete.co


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