We commonly hear from freelancers that don’t fit the traditional freelancer mold.

They’re highly accomplished in full time roles. Some were VP’s. Some started and ran full product lines.

Yet it isn’t that simple translating what you did in corporate to what you can do as a freelancer.

Specific questions like what do I charge, what exactly do I deliver (a skill or an outcome), and where do I find clients can’t be taught in a course.

For Petra Manos, Google Ads freelance expert, she was in a similar situation when leaving her role as a software developer.

She was highly valuable. Had a tangible skill set in analytics.

Yet scaling her freelancer business required intense creativity for things like:

– How would she find her first client?

– How would she know what people would pay for?

– How would she scope her offering? Would she charge hourly or project based? Hint…it’s a hybrid approach.

– How would she scale beyond trading 100% of her time for money?

In this Freelancer Talks we’ll cut the small talk and get straight into the details of how Petra took control of her freelancer business.

We’ll cover from when she started, to when she streamlined her operations, to where she is today with her freelancer business The Quantified Web (very catchy name).


To Connect with Petra:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petra-manos-b6029717/

Website: https://www.thequantifiedweb.com/home

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