As a freelancer, what’s your unique niche and how do you chart your path through the freelance journey? 

Finding your niche is tough. It requires quantifying a skill or an outcome, and at the drop of a hat being able to tell a prospective customer ‘what you do, how long it takes, and how much it costs’.

No one understands this better than Russ Crowley – technical copywriter and Microsoft Word Expert. 

When you hear Microsoft I know what you’re thinking…’sexy’. 

Okay maybe not. 

But for Russ, he’s been able to take what seems like an ambiguous skill set and quantify it into a kick-ass freelance career. 

In this episode we’ll cover:

– How Russ got into freelancing 

– How Russ grew his freelance business 

– How all types of skill sets can translate into a freelance career


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