The favorite part of my job is meeting incredible freelancers like yourself.

The second favorite part of my job is meeting leaders in the ecosystem supporting freelancers like you.

Which is why this has been an extra awesome month as we prioritized meeting leading freelancer communities.

We had three major takeaways:

  1. Not all communities are equal (duh).
  2. Micro-communities, usually focused on a specific niche, or curated into buckets based off a niche, seemed to provide the most value for each individual freelancer.
  3. The value of a community seems to be shared purpose, deep knowledge-sharing, job referring, and accountability. 

With the above revealing some of our criteria for evaluating communities, below are communities you should be aware of ASAP. 

Freelance Founders, Creatives focused. Blown away by the quality of the community and Carolyn’s focus on each individual freelancer. You won’t be getting a community leader who freelanced for 6 months then started teaching. Carolyn still actively freelances and from a client lense blew me away.  

Kitchen Table Community, Focused on freelancer-based agencies. Blown away by the caliber of John’s agencies in the community, and his own agency Write Arm. Like Carolyn above, John’s got scars. .  

*Meet John in Freelancer Talks

IDLance, Instructional Design focused. Blown away by both Andrea and Parker’s tangible understanding of how to be a good instructional design freelancer.

– Freelance Heroes, UK and freelance business focused. I admit Ed’s humor won me over. But I was also blown away by his understanding of day to day struggles for freelancers. 

*Their podcast

Freelance Business Community, Europe with strong event management expertise. Blown away by the communities expertise driving events at scale. 

*Meet Elina in Freelancer Talks, Building a freelance business focused. Blown away by Jean-Paul’s experience running freelance projects at scale ($1m projects and above). 

Freelance Mastermind, a small but mighty group, I’ve been blown away by the vetting for each member and support between each freelancer. 

Honorable Mention 

* We haven’t seen the actual communities, but thoroughly enjoyed their public content.

Freelance to Founder Podcast

Digital Freelancers

The Freelancers Show

 *Also – as you know, most freelance platforms are a race to the bottom. NOT THESE. These platforms have a strong emphasis on community, freelancer development, and we’ve personally met with freelancers who have raving reviews of each platform

– Customer Support: Instant Teams

– Marketing: We Are Rosie

– Finance/Accounting: Paro

– Students: Parker Dewey

– Creatives in Asia: CreativesAtWork

SORRY!  We obviously missed really great communities. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and we’ll figure out if we’d be a good fit 🙂

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