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Below freelancers are vetted and only included after tangible project success.

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Lauren Detweiler

Content Strategy, Copywriting

Anna Kaić

Marketing, Social Media

Dani Ifrim

Full Stack Designer


Leo Earle


Sandra Vukovic

Content Management

Tim Haldorsson

Google Ads/SEM for SaaS Companies

Sanne Van Broeck

Digital Marketing


J.R. Hernandez

Product Marketing, eCommerce

Kemal Avdovic

Graphic Design, Brand Strategy

Kenneth Metral

Web Design, Mobile App Development

Ryan Mellinger

Audio Engineer, Podcasting

Frederik Eksteen

Motion Graphic Design

Laurence Stevens

SaaS Marketing


Sanja Kišiček, Ph.D.

Communication & Collaboration

Matthew Mottola

Global leader in helping leaders ethically scale through hiring freelancers.

Author of The Human Cloud, Forbes Contributor

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