This course is for all levels of freelancers.

Whether you want to be a full time freelancer, want to use freelance to make ends meet, or see what the promise is all about, in this course we’ll learn, plan, perform, then scale your freelance business. 

Take control over your freelance journey today. 

What to Expect 

4 weeks, mix of content & assignments delivered in your inbox 2-3 times a week 

Week 1: Learn  

  • Context 
    • why is freelancing here today 
    • what can freelancing mean for you 
    • how will you seize this opportunity
  • The Basics 
    • What is a freelancer
    • Why do people freelance 
    • Where do people freelance

Week 2: Plan to put yourself in the best position to succeed 

  • The customer
    • Who hires freelancers
    • Why do companies hire freelancers
    • How do companies hire freelancers
    • What are the hair on fire risks for hiring freelancers
  • Creating your freelance profile 
    • How freelancing is the ultimate customization and personalization
    • How to reframe your experience
    • Building 2 case studies

Week 3: Perform by winning your first project and consistently exceeding expectations

  • How to identify your first project
    • Start small 
    • Identify ideal projects 
    • Identify potential channels 
    • How to meet the right people
  • How to win that project 
    • Set expectations
    • Speak their language
  • How to kickass and exceed expectations 
    • Being proactive 
    • Following the roadmap 
    • Optimizing communication  
    • Going above and beyond

Week 4: Scaling  your FL business to get out of the rollercoaster and enable consistency and control

  • Your channels of Growth 
    • Identify your channels 
    • Optimize your channels 
  • Your engine’s of growth 
    • Working with other freelancers 
    • Leveraging tools and technology 
    • Optimizing your 80/20 through standardization 
    • Building your flywheel (personal brand and inbound marketing

Claim your seat today!

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