Hey Freelancers! Did you know you’re part of this thing called the Human Cloud? 

What is the Human Cloud? It’s a buzzword to help companies understand why they need to hire YOU instead of traditional alternatives (which are usually hiring full time or hiring an agency). 

We’re proud to have partnered with Design Hill on Decoding the Human Cloud, a session to help company leadership understand the power of YOU. 

Enjoy this presentation to get the inside scoop on what you’re clients are thinking 🙂 

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CEO of Venture L, Author of The Human Cloud

Matthew R Mottola is a global leader on the Human Cloud - the transition from physical and full time work to digital, remote, independent models.

At Microsoft, in joint partnership with Upwork, he built the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit - the unlock for enterprises to embrace the human cloud at scale - bringing Microsoft from nascent to an industry leader in under two years.

At Gigster, he built Ideation - enabling freelance developers, data scientists, and product managers to consistently generate what should be built in the software development lifecycle.

His work has been featured by Forbes and Fortune to name a few. He is an international keynote speaker, speaking at leading conferences Remote Work Summit and YPO’s Innovation Week to name a few. He is the author of StartUp Not StartDown, upcoming book The Human Cloud, and contributor to leading industry reports.