As freelancers, we don’t have a ‘wellness’ budget or corporate Universities.

We have ourselves, and as Rowena will show us, succeeding as a remote freelancer means leadership for both ourselves and others.

She’ll break down:

– What’s different about a remote and in-office environment

– Why leadership is even more important when we’re just a company of one

– How to avoid burnout and instead have yourself and your collective freelancers running on all cylinders

Our favorite golden nugget was her process to stay on your game.

1: Write down WHY you work

2: Write down WHAT activities bring you up and down

3: Create a plan for HOW to incorporate these activities

– And make to sure to include:

– A plan b and plan c

– Accountability

Intentional community

She also dropped a knowledge bomb on how to create intentional remote spaces where your tribe can be their whole self.

1: Create a no work call cadence

2: Create a social (the more Gif’s the better) channel

3: Collaborate on each others well being plan

4: Explicitly outline each other’s cues

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

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