Find Your People. Build Your Tribe. Scale Your Business.


Venture L makes scaling with your trusted tribe as easy as calling an Uber. 

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Why Venture L?

For too long we’ve been ignored.

We’re not the ‘gig’ economy. We don’t need race to the bottom marketplaces. We need ideal clients, kickass collaborators, and ‘just a little’ software to build our business.

Venture L is the software for ambitious as hell freelancers.

By harnessing automation, artificial intelligence and network intelligence, Venture L makes forming your virtual agency as easy as calling an Uber. Simply push button, start referring work or creating teams in seconds.

Sanne Van Broeck, Digital Marketeer

It’s very rare you come across people who have this unique ability to connect and inspire others, whilst being driven by such a just cause. They combine all that with the right technology at the right time, in an unapologetically honest way. They don’t just have your best interest in mind, but also everybody else’s.

Unlock The Power of 100+ Global Bad-Asses

Venture L is a collaboration between top global freelancers. We vet each individual application to ensure community cohesion and vision alignment.

Venture L Global Footprint

Matthew Mottola

Co-Founder/CEO of Venture L, Author of The Human Cloud, Forbes Contributor

Ricardo Sancho

Co-Founder/CTO of Venture L, software development & distributed systems 

Kemal Avdovic

Graphic Design, Brand Strategy

Laurence Stevens

SaaS Marketing


Lauren Detweiler

Content Strategy, Copywriting

Sanja Kišiček, Ph.D.

Communication & Collaboration

Anna Kaić

Marketing, Social Media

Dani Ifrim

Full Stack Designer


J.R. Hernandez

Product Marketing, eCommerce

Frederik Eksteen

Motion Graphic Design

Badass You


Behind The Scenes

Street Cred x (Software + Science) = <3

Street Cred


We lead your clients. 

Actual Artificial Intelligence


We know…everyone says this.

We walk the talk through blending street cred, behavioral science and systems engineering.

  • We optimize your client experience 
  • We know what makes your best teams 
  • We recommend best practices like client intake processes and pricing templates

First 100% Freelancer Focused Solution


We are NOT a marketplace. 

Your business. Your clients. Your data.

We are Shopify, NOT Upwork. We triple your income. You pay us a flat monthly fee.